Here you will be able to join a community collecting rewards from free sites (or just cheat and put in your own cryptocurrency) and send it 100% with no middleman to your chosen recipient(s).
No experience necessary, spend as much or as little time as you like. If you’d like to help out with beta testing, please sign up and we will be in touch. Thanks.

Join us

In a short time, we will have our own bitcoin node and the site will resume. Meantime you can sign up and help to test out the new features of the site.

Meet new people all over the world

We have forums, chat, private messages and video conferencing altogether here in the site, so senders and recipients can all communicate freely and directly with each other. Sponsors can see the effects their help is having via the blog updates too, with stories and videos of the latest developments.

How it works

We Help people to use the internet to improve their own lives, working directly with them.
Members each send their free earnings to their chosen recipient, with no middleman and no waste. 100% of your donations are sent directly by you to your recipient, , not spent on offices, staff, etc. Full accounts are publicly presented online.