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1 point = 100 FGN sent to your account as a tip totalled up each weekend. Please read the notes below before posting!

Registration5 points
Daily Visit5 points
Approved Comments (on posts and pages)5 points (1 per post and 2 per day)
New Profile Activity2 points (5 per day)
New Profile Avatar Upload5 points (1 per month)
New Profile Cover Upload5 points (1 per month)
New Friendships2 points (5 per day)
New Comment (in profiles area)2 points (4 per day)
Favourite Activity (adding to favourites)1 points (5 per day)
New Private Message1 points (2 per day)
New Forum Topics 5 points (1 per day)
New Forum Posts (i.e. replies)2 points (5 per day)
Joining Groups2 points (2 per day)
New Group Post2 points (5 per day)

We have some great work going on here, supporting inspiring initiatives by people around the world. Please do not write simple one or two word answers, just to get paid. This is for the benefit of the community so please have respect for that. It’s not a profit-making site. Points gained from useless contributions will be deducted again and repeat abusers will be banned permanently.