Almost there!

We wanted to make it possible for people to send currency directly to individuals who are doing worthwhile community projects in the Third World. It turned out not to be as easy as we thought, but now the work is almost done.

Thanks go in particular to the developer of the bitcoin and altcoin WordPress wallets plug-in. This has made it easy for us to give addresses to all users, and for users to send each other funds. This means that now members will be able to read about projects here on and transfer funds within the site, thus avoiding some fees.

Instead of sending money to an organization you can send it directly to the people doing the projects.

Our pilot project is on Rusinga Island, Kenya. Member Evans Odula will be posting updates here on their progress, and you’ll be able to send your collected coins to him. As the site gets busier, we’ll be adding more projects.

We think this is a much better idea than traditional charity. It’s just friends helping each other out, with no big org in between to soak up all the money.

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