Brave browser will block ads and trackers for you. It also enables you to reward the sites you like by sending them tokens which have real value. Soon it will also have opt-in ads for which you receive a large percentage of the revenue. Until then they have an initial bonus distributed to users. This means you can support ClickForAfrica just by using Brave browser.

It’s pretty much the same as chrome so should be familiar. Download from our reflink and if you use it (sometimes) during the first month to try it out, we’ll get an additional 5 dollars of tokens.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed Brave, and set it up the way you want it, make sure you’ve visited at least once with Brave, then go to settings (hamburger menu top right) > payments.

screenshot of payments page

  • Click the yellow gear icon (top right), change ‘minimum page time before logging a visit’ to 8 seconds (1 minute might be too long)
  • Disable auto-include (this will include all sites you visit)
  • Set payments to on
  • Make sure to include – you can include or remove any site by clicking the relevant switch.
  • The list can get quite full so it helps to select ‘show only included sites’.
  • Click on ‘claim my free tokens’. You may not get anything immediately, but they say they are giving out about 5 dollars of tokens per month to users at the moment and will soon introduce the paid ads too.

If you want to, you’ll be able to exchange the tokens or cash them in at some point. I have not investigated that much, except to know that people are already buying and selling then (Basic Attention Tokens).