screenshot of the monitor page isn’t a faucet. It’s just a really useful tool that will increase your efficiency, save time and let you earn more from the faucets and PTC sites you visit. It’s really difficult to keep track of your sites, and they all have different timers too, making it even worse.

With you can enter all your sites along with how often you want to visit them (may


not be the same as their claim intervals) and the site will give you a list with the ones ready to visit again at the top.
screenshot of main page

All you need to do is open this page to see all the faucets that are ready, and as you click on them they will open in a new window, and the listing will go to the bottom of the page until the timer you set is done.

There’s an easy form where you can add or delete sites, set the timer and other details. It’s paid for by a few ads. No popups or other annoyances, and the ads don’t even appear on the work page. All-in all it’s an excellent free tool.
screenshot of the form to add new faucets.

Also, in your profile, you can list your cryptocurrency addresses so they can be easily copied when you need them.

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