Hello From Badilisha!

photo of the lakeshore at Badilisha

Hello dear friends, it is with great celebrations that we witness the launch of this project. This project is quite instrumental in our efforts to promote permaculture which is a cornerstone in enhancing Rusinga Island food security in the Island. And we are determined to get going.

Our first project would be to get a reliable internet connection, something that is necessity and a basic need in this world which has turn into a global village. Currently we struggle a lot to access internet, something which has been a barrier in our efforts to change the community.

And with improved connectivity, we are going to interact freely with our friends who are supporting us and also provide every minute update of the ongoing projects. Below is an introductory video tour of Badilisha.

We are also going to continue working on our permaculture training and demonstration with our farmers and recruit more farmers to join the permaculture bandwagon. The project is also going to be useful in improving our permaculture resource center and basic facilities and infrastructural development. We appeal for help to market and promote this project which depicts complete paradigm shift where beneficiaries have direct contact with their supports and share more about the needs with freedom.

[See more at badilisha.org]

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