What Have We Done So Far


In this very early beta stage of the site, we’ve already achieved quite a lot I think. We are learning as we go along. This is the world’s first peer-to-peer charity system. The screenshot below shows how easy it is to send funds.

For the Kenya pilot project:

  • Bought a decent camera capable of good quality video and photos
  • A laptop to use in the office.
  • Paying an assistant to help out with all the work Evans is doing
  • Got a better internet connection with a directional antenna.

The Website:

  • The system all works, we’re able to transfer in our coins to our own site wallets and then send them without any fees directly to our recipients.
  • We have a live chat system throughout the site which seems to work well, members don’t need to log in to separate account, though they can use their Telegram account if they prefer.
  • We have a forum which seems to work ok, if anyone wants to use it.
  • Recipients can post updates on their progress and about new projects they are starting

What We Still Need:

  • Members! It’s ready to go, and the potential is huge. There are no expenses, no middlemen, 100% of your funds goes directly to your recipient, when you send it.
  • Coders. This was all cobbled together from various sources, and would benefit greatly from the skills of people proficient in PHP, javascript etc. It depends on this website for now, but we aim to develop it into a fully open source system.

This is not some ready-made Charity with a big budget for promotion and marketing. It’s just the members themselves. It will not look good until it is being used. Looking good before it actually is good costs a lot of money, and we are not in the business of wasting money. We’re not in business at all, this is just a system that you can use to help out directly with great projects.

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