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Volunteers Live Longer and Happier Lives

…And ClickForCharity is the best way to contribute your time!

Those who reported at least 200 hours of volunteer work per year were 40 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Source: Two Studies Show Volunteers Live Longer and Happier Lives | Alternet

ClickForCharity is good for your health!

It’s long been known that people who help each other out are happier overall than those who don’t but now even scientists have come to the same conclusion.

There are a multitude of reasons to volunteer, but these can basically be classified under two reasons: self-focus and other-focus. Self-focus refers to motives that explicitly consider some personal reward such as improving one’s mood or self-esteem, escaping one’s problems, learning a new skill, or even getting a promotion or enhancing one’s social connections. These are all legitimate reasons to volunteer that are not good or bad in themselves. Other-focus refers to a genuine concern for something beyond oneself. 

In 2005, researcher Omri Gilliath and colleagues found that college undergraduates who volunteer because they have compassion for needy people (i.e. other-focus) indeed derive the most interpersonal benefits from volunteering: They are less lonely and have fewer interpersonal problems. Researcher Sarah Konrath’s 2011 study likewise found that volunteers live longer than non-volunteers – but only if they volunteer for other-oriented reasons. 

With ClickForCharity you are in direct contact with the people you are helping. You’re able to follow along with their progress just like any other friends on social media and see how your efforts are giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. This is the best possible way to do things – far better than just sending money and getting some pretty pictures of glossy brochure in return. 

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