Advertisers + Partners

Test for putting ad in pages etc.

We will have advertising slots available at very reasonable rates. Instead of paying a company or organisation your remittance goes straight to one of our recipients or to a fundraiser for the things they need to complete their projects.

How It Works

For example, a part-time project worker on the tree nursery of our Badilisha project needs $50 a month to free up their time to do the work. So one ad location will be allocated to this recipient. The ad itself will be split into 5 slots at $10 each, and each slot will be displayed randomly so each advertiser gets an equal amount of views. You can buy as many of those slots as you like, obviously all of them would mean your ad will display permanently.

When the site gets busy we will list all the ad slots here, and which pages and positions they will appear on. Initially there will only be 2 so that you’ll still get good value as they will show across all pages and posts.

How To Pay

It’s easy, even if you don’t know anything about bitcoin, we can guide you through it. You can even use exchanges with a regular amount sent automatically from your bank account and they will send you bitcoin over the lightning network with almost zero fees ( a couple of cents).

More details to follow but please use the contact form on the homepage if you want to get in early. (It says it’s to apply to join the site but you can use it for anything.