Bono’s ‘Charity’ exposed

ONE gives only a pittance in direct charitable support to its causes.

The Bono nonprofit took in $14,993,873 in public donations in 2008, the latest year for which tax records are available. Of that, $184,732 was distributed to three charities, according to the IRS filing.

Meanwhile, more than $8 million was spent on executive and employee salaries. The rest seems to have been squandered on self-indulgent advertising gimmicks. See ‘Poor Idea, Bono‘ in the New York Post.

The aid agencies have been ‘working’ in the third world for at least 50 years. Billions of dollars (either ours directly or from taxes or profits the corporations made from us) have gone through their hands. They have failed miserably to affect anything like the change that we want to see. It’s time to cut off their parasitic presence and find more direct ways to express our desire to make the world a better place.

Here are a couple of the interesting comments from the NYT site:

helen  09/26/2010 12:14 PM

This is how this mega stars and other big name suckers take tax deductions: Personal “foundations”. It works like this, you put $10 million into your foundation, take a tax deduction for said “contribution”, give $100,000 to legitimate charities, take $5 million out in management fees and end up with a net taxable of $5 million (from management fees) and control of the $4.9 million still in the foundation. All at a net “charitable” cost of $100k.
Pretty good racket.
How low can a human being go, he must be laughing from his multimillion ny loft, getting money our of his fans to sustain his lavish life…disgusting!Bono like other corrupted lost souls- Hello Bill Gates- Take your glasses off, let people see behind your eyes!

Chris  09/21/2010 4:20 AM

Dear ONE
I think it is pretty amazing that you manage to con people out of donating money in good faith and will hoping their money will go directly (most of it)to some person who lives day by day, with no hope in their lives. They are hope-less!
I thought that ONE contributed in this good faith of altruism and not out to make a profit from poor peoples situations. That’s what you are doing, and it’s sad. It’s sad that you think this is right, and sad that you distort peoples view of charity donation. Making people think that by donating money nothing comes of it!! Well you sure do that!
Thank you so much for doing such a great and meaningful job all you! ONE employers and BONO you must really be proud and think you deserve money!!for it!why not get a real job!
and rest sure I will never ever give money to BONO in the form of donations to ONE or buy his lousy music, thank god for the internet and journalists.
btw many similar bogus charities in the moment, i.e. wyclef jean.
maybe i should just fly down there and do the job myself!!






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