Joy in the Kalahari as Well Re-opens

Kalahari Bushmen are celebrating the first water flowing from their well for nine years. The government closed it in an attempt to force the Bushmen from their lands, but a successful legal battle funded by Survival supporters has allowed a drilling team to enter the reserve.

Strangled by Bureaucracy

The articles posted (or linked to from) here seem diverse and unrelated, but they are all illustrative of a set of circumstances which must be considered in any plan for a ‘solution’. In an article entitled “It’s no wonder so many firms end up on the scrapheap” we can see a connection between some of […]

Film: Stranger in the Forest

A new short film by Survival International, what follows first contact for Amazon tribes? Also New photos obtained by Survival International show uncontacted Indians in never-seen-before detail. The pictures, taken by Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, reveal a thriving, healthy community with baskets full of manioc and papaya fresh from their gardens.

Who is most in need of Aid?

This is old, and thus not really news, but it does illustrate (caricature?) the attitude of a lot of westerners toward Africa and the South. I don’t know who this is, she’s some kind of celebrity. She was asked ‘Why can’t the majority of Americans find Iraq on a map?”. The radio host discussing the […]

Indigenous Tree Planting Campaign Hi-Jacked

ECOTERRA Intl.—one of the co-founders of the original campaign—warned that the indiscriminate counting of even GM-trees planted by industries into the statistics of the now UNEP-led initiative gives a false picture and bears grave dangers. “A serious indigenous tree planting campaign carried out by honest people has been hi-jacked for the PR purposes of the […]