Oil or Death in the Amazon

Most media are presenting the recent clash between Indians and oil interests as “Nine Peruvian Police killed by indigenous protesters”. An article on Mongabay.com seems to have a more informed insight. More than 70% of the Peruvian Amazon has been allocated for oil and gas extraction, and the current government of Alan Garcia has been […]

Conflict between conservation and indigenous people in wild landscapes

Wildland conservation has a recorded history and a literary tradition. Aborigines evicted from their homelands in the interest of conservation have only memory and the bitter oral narrative I heard again and again while visiting their makeshift villages and refugee camps; their pre-eviction experience is rarely recorded outside the literature of anthropology. So the concept […]

Indigenous Breeds Dying Out

Yammu and Kashmir’s traditional graziers, the nomadic Gujjars, rue the dying out of several indigenous species of goat and sheep after the introduction of foreign high-yielding breeds. The nomadic Gujjars move to highland pastures in summers and come down to the plains when winters set in. “These foreign breeds are not successful for nomadic conditions,” […]