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Just a post to test out using IFTTT to automatically send new posts to Twitter. It looks like a good way to enble it to send to each author’s own social media accounts rather than just a central one which is the normal way these things work. IFTTT can do lots of things, connecting up different sites or apps you use. I’ll add a random photo to the post to see if it shows up in Twitter too. Other than that, not much happening.

Alternative source of cooking fuel for Rusinga Island inhabitants

Historians and history books illustrate how Rusinga Island was home to the early man, proconsul africanus, a fossil of an ape which lived 23 to 14 million years ago. This creature was mainly a fruit eater.

Reading this historical fact as a child during my school days gave me hope, but as the clock ticks a lot is happening and changing. And now as a grown up i realize the hope fast fading and the future prospects of the island turning grim and dwindling.

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“Clicks” Changing Fortunes Of Badilisha Community In Kenya

Reliable internet connection is a pipe dream for most rural communities of Kenya, Rusinga Island inclusive. It is a challenge that Evans Odula and his Badilisha community members had to live with for many years. Accessing internet connection involved waking up early in the morning and travelling miles away only to have a glimpse at your inbox. It involved spending money travelling, paying exorbitant prices to access, and sometimes you had to book a room in the lodge to spend a night there in Homa bay town since power black outs were also very rampant. And the worst part of it was that we were not allowed to touch the computer, an issue that gave us little or no chance to get acquaintance and exposure to the digital world.

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Microlancer – Satoshi For Easy Tasks

Microlancer is a new system where you can earn satoshi for doing small tasks requested by other users. I’ve not been doing it for long but I can see already that it pays better than faucets, PTC etc.

It’s quite easy to use and the site owners are available and very helpful. You can also set tasks, if you have something you want people to do. The image above shows a few of the things, but really anything (legal!) you can think of could be posted.

It’s using Lightning Network which means you don’t need to wait for weeks to have enough to withdraw, or to send to a microwallet which charges you for the service. You can withdraw tiny amounts direct to your wallet.

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Rusinga Island’s long journey to ecological order

Globally and locally, climate change is a grave concern , a lot is happening already which attest to this fact. And if something is not done now rather than later irreversible changes will occur. And it all calls for system changes. Our beloved island Rusinga is not left out, and our community led by Evans Odula, a local community mobiliser is doing a lot through Badilisha, an organization he helped create over ten years ago to promote permaculture locally and regionally.

A few years ago badilisha also got interested in the difficult job of forest protection and tree planting in close collabortion with schools and local community.

Alot has since happened. This year alone over 20, 000 trees have been planted in close collaboration with local community , schools and farmers.

Our indegenous forest which has faced major destruction by the local community to earn their livelihoods has also shown clear signs of regeneration.

Natural trees which were threatened have recovered and grasses are growing on the hillsides which were badly degraded , a clearer indication that assisted natural regenerations works.

And this long journey continues.

What Have We Done So Far

In this very early beta stage of the site, we’ve already achieved quite a lot I think. We are learning as we go along. This is the world’s first peer-to-peer charity system. The screenshot below shows how easy it is to send funds.

For the Kenya pilot project:

  • Bought a decent camera capable of good quality video and photos
  • A laptop to use in the office.
  • Paying an assistant to help out with all the work Evans is doing
  • Got a better internet connection with a directional antenna.
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New Target – $250 for Antenna and Modem

This is a really easy target to hit, so please join in and help us get it!

[Update Badilisha now has this! Good Work.]

mANT30 will significantly increase bandwidth.

We’ve already got a laptop and a decent camera for the Center in Badilisha. Their connection is still not good enough to do reliable communications, such as video calls and even uploading videos to post on this site. We need to get a good antenna kit, a directional one to point at the main tower on the Island.

Microtik mANT30 antenna
Microtik Sleeve30 Kit

This antenna, along with the sleeve kit, will provide a much better internet connection allowing our friends in Rusinga to keep us informed of the progress of their amazing projects. Collect some Satoshi now (sign up using the form on the right), or just check out the things you can do without signing up.

Bitcoin Goldrush in South Africa?

During an eye-opening journey, Ran NeuNer (blockchain investor and host of “Crypto Trader” on CNBC Africa) takes Lee on a tour of one of the nation’s poorest townships, Khayelitsha, South Africa, where he explains why it could be the true epicentre for the cryptocurrency revolution — not to mention the next potential gold mine for institutional and amateur investors alike. But it’s an unusual encounter with an Uber driver that paints the most vivid use case for digital currency’s future.

Watch clips of CNBC documentary “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust” online.

Minds.com -facebook without the creepy.

minds logo
I’ll write a review here eventually. Minds is a replacement for facebook, twitter etc. Contributors get rewards in the form of tokens, which can be bought and sold, or used to promote content on Minds.

Sign up with our link and clickforafrica will get some tokens too.

Almost there!

We wanted to make it possible for people to send currency directly to individuals who are doing worthwhile community projects in the Third World. It turned out not to be as easy as we thought, but now the work is almost done.
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