CEO of CARE Joining the Board of Coca-Cola

[Is it really surprising when we allow our ‘charities’ to be run exactly like mega-corporations, with exactly the same value system and skills needed to run them ‘properly’?]

In its continuing frenzy to silence potential critics, Coca-Cola issued a press release recently that announced the following:

Helene D. Gayle, M.D., M.P.H., has been nominated to stand for election to the Company’s Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting of Shareowners in April.Dr. Gayle, 57, is President and CEO of CARE USA, a leading international humanitarian organization whose poverty fighting programs reached approximately 122 million people last year in 84 countries.

Why in the world would Dr. Gayle want to sit on the Coca-Cola Board of Directors when Coca-Cola’s export of non-nutritious, sugary drinks to the world’s poorest countries is causing a new set of chronic health problems for those living in poverty — including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and dental caries (cavities)? The U.S. is already dealing with the phenomenon of food insecure families suffering from obesity, thanks in good part to overconsumption of cheap soft drinks that are heavily marketed in our poorest communities.

Surely Dr. Gayle must have seen this startling statistic: For each additional sugary drink a child consumes per day, his or her risk of obesity increases by an astonishing 60 percent.* That applies to children living in poverty as well.

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