Facebook to Suck Profit From World’s Poor


To view the mainstream media reports and the publicity from internet.org may give the impression that Zuckerberg is doing something laudable, providing “internet” access for free to poor people. Digging deeper only encounters obstruction by way of weasel-worded vagueness about the actual services provided.

To be honest, I only spent a couple of hours researching this. Time is precious and wasting too much of it chasing the plans of megalomaniac control freaks has only limited value. We just have to continue building our own alternatives and trying to wake people up to the fake replacements of real things we are being fobbed off with. Don’t  blame Zuckerberg, he’s just being a greedy parasite as is his nature. It’s up to us to thwart his efforts to bend our world to benefit him at our expense.

Below are some links to some good arguments about the issue.

Reddit article from India is a good place to start, as that’s where they are trying to get their suckers into first. (archived as pdf: Why is internet.org bad)

Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet gives an indication of the way we are being guided. Some kids I know refused to eat peas they had seen come out of pods because they didn’t come out of a bag. Idiocracy is almost here.

An EFF article, Internet.org Is Not Neutral, Not Secure, and Not the Internet shows that the art of succinct title writing is not dead yet.

Internet.org will ‘wall in’ impoverished web users in the two-tier system is SiliconRepublic’s take.

There are plenty more but that will do. Facebook is just a website, and none of the above articles really treat it as it should be treated. Unfortunately, Zuckerberg is often mentioned in the same sentence as Jobs and Gates, as if he somehow is in the same league.



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