Folly Of Industrial Agriculture Exposed

For at least 70 years we have been subjected to a barrage of propaganda from industry. Starting with the “Green Revolution” in the 1930’s, Ignorant yet extremely wealthy families have taken over our food supply and the inevitable results are now apparent. Desertification, toxic foods, polluted water, destroyed ecosystems and an increasingly sick population are the result of letting the greediest and least able individuals run amok in our world with no restraint.

The sickness quickly infected the aid business too, resulting in many parts of the third world being utterly dependent on these same fragile systems.

The latest manifestation of this phenomenon is the approaching collapse of the supply chain of one of the most polluting industries on Earth–the chemical industry that supplies industrial “farmers” everywhere. These huge businesses have become ever more dependent on an ever more centrally controlled system and that system is now at the brink of collapse.

Permaculture and similar initiatives point the way to a more sane food system, one run by intelligent people in a way that does not depend on complex and wasteful systems, systems so incomprehensible that state-of-the-art computers using artificial intelligence are needed just to keep track of it all.

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