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    Hi yes the problem was I tried a few themes but very few will work with the social aspects of the site. The one we have I just ended up with by default because with other themes I tried the other features would variously stop working or were not even visible at all.

    I gave up because like I said we only need this to be working and not necessarily aesthetically perfect, just to get up and running quickly, so we can then build our own site that only does the exact things we need and nothing else.

    I’d rather we all spend most time and effort on setting up the new purpose-built theme and site and spend minimal effort to just get this one running basically quickly, which it almost is now. This theme seems pretty stable with the add-ons we are using and will do for now.

    We can fix a few minor things, some of which I have posted already, and roll out the first stage with testers who know the situation and aren’t expecting a finished product. This way we’ll learn what we actually need and don’t need.

    Nobody’s done this before so there’s nothing to copy, and I’d hate to waste people’s time getting things done on a site that is kind of experimental and still evolving. Does that make sense?

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