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Test for putting ad in pages etc.

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        I have not really figured this one out yet but it’s social networking with its own currency and might be worth a try. Apart from earning coins we may be able to use it to promote our projects.

        here’s our referral link to hopefully get a few extra coins if you sign up.

        Once joined you’ll get some credits so you can interact so please go to these pages and give some likes etc and subscribe but be sure to have a look at the other stuff too in your feed (switch to “what’s new” and the other choices to see more)

        Try to mix up your likes etc a bit don’t just like everything cos that is suspicious looking. Instead just a little each visit and generally be like normally on social media so that way we help the platform out too.

        Anyway if you give it a try please post in this topic and together we might figure it out. Just make a reply to say what you did and any thoughts you may have.

        Also report any difficulties you have below so we can figure out how to make it easier for others.

        TO DO: We need to get some funds together and then try to withdraw some – that means someone with some Ether or whatever to pay to move the tokens. This way we will be sure it all works before we put in a lot more effort.

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