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    There is the beginning of a tutorial section. In the bottom right of all pages there should be a ? icon. There is not much there yet but it’s a start!

    When you open it, it could be a bit confusing because there are supposed to be a list of categories, but there is only “basic” so far so it’s not obvious to click on it.

    I’ll add to it as time goes by, and eventually I should be able to learn enough to make it a useful resource. Andy suggestions for what to cover first?

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    hello ,

    yes i think the basics are helpful now that we are learning, being able to join groups and post updates.

    i suggest on covering how to connect and how to ask questions or share ideas in the groups. thanks

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      OK I made another one, for making connections.. I lost the whole thing for a while, it disappeared from the site completely but now I got it back, the ? should be back in the bottom left.

      How to ask questions and share ideas in the groups and forums is next… that’s going to be harder!

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    Thanks I am sorry for being so slow, things keep cropping up, I will get on with it though.

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