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        I am getting dashboard warnings about not having a persistent object cache but Redis etc are enabled and running on the server. Does anyone know if this is just a fault on the WP side where it is not detecting the cache? It was also saying not cache plugin was detected so I installed one and got rid of that notice.

        But I seem to remember that there was no need for a plugin if the server already had caching. So, it would be nice to know for sure what to do. Searches bring up advocacy for just about every possibility so it’s confusing!

        On the subject of caching, I don’t enable all the other stuff, like image “optimisation” because I usually optimise them myself before uploading. I prefer not to have dozens of copies of every image filling up the disk space, and usually I have an image of around 100k max and the optimisation often makes them bigger!

        sorry I am rambling on…

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