Sidebar Ads Problem [fixed?]


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        I think this is fixed, but probably there is a better solution than putting in a smaller ad, which is what I did.

        Marking this high because we will have no ad revenue at all until we can resolve it.

        A-ads system was claiming that the ad was unclickable and therefore it is not giving us any sats at all. Their support says it’s because the ad space is smaller than the ad size I selected (300×250). I don’t know what size the sidebar is but it sure looks like 300 or more to me! And the ad fits in and I can click it. Anyway, either…

        • it’s less than 300 and they are right… so how can we make it more than 300 (say 305 in case their bot is fussy) or…
        • What can I say to them or show them to prove that their bot is wrong?

        Or, if we increase the size and that makes it too wide for a sidebar, there is also 250×250 available as a size so let me know and I’ll change it to that one.

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