Hard Times for Afghan Nomads

A story on BBC News yesterday is another good example of how our services could benefit people living in remote areas. Hard Times for Afghan Nomads tells the story of mountain people stuck in the middle of other people’s wars many times, and now ignored by the authorities, whose priority is the population in the cities.

As we have found with our involvement in Morocco, it’s quite possible for people to solve their problems in co-operation with others around the world, if they have the tools and skills to do so. Good communications can’t stop other people’s soldiers from having their battles in your lands, but the other problems, such as water, food and general poverty, have been solved independently many times in many different environemts, and the people who solved them are willing to share their experience and help others. We have found that to be true particularly in our Morocco site, where there is to be a permaculture project, improvements to water storage and purification, as well as the school and internet access.

In addition, merely having better communications makes people less isolated and thus less likely to be ignored.






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