Logic Not Invited To Rio Sustainability Summit

You might think it would cost little or nothing for us to ‘transition’ to a green economy. After all, all that’s required is that we consume less stuff and make better use of what we do consume. If so, you’re an ignorant fool, and just be glad that those amazing bankers are here to save you from the armageddon your defective brain might otherwise get you into.

As a matter of fact, our leaders, the ones with the vastly superior intellects, know exactly what it will cost: 250 billion dollars a year initially, and eventually trillions of dollars!  And seeing as this is crucial to our survival on this planet, you will not have a choice. Nor will you have the option to refuse being monitored to ensure that you’re a good citizen.

We have allowed a relatively small group of bankers and their toadying gophers, the politicians, lead us to the edge of the abyss, the brink of annihilation. Then we ask them what to do about the crisis we let them cause. Their answer is of course the same answer they always give us to any question we ask them: “allow us to take even more money off you, under threat of force”.

UN Seeks New Powers to Remake World at Rio Sustainability Summit.

They have taken a very real problem and turned it into yet another excuse to tax us all and increase their control over us. Tihs is all they know how to do, and so long as we complacently accept their authority, it’s all they need to do, and all they ever will do, until there’s nothing left to tax.

We shouldn’t be paying for them to have a party in Rio, we should be putting them into council housing and helping them to find a useful role in society.






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