Charity Schmarity! Madonna school charity collapses

A HIGH-profile charitable foundation set up to build a school for impoverished girls in Malawi, founded by Madonna and fellow devotees of a prominent Jewish mysticism movement, has collapsed after spending $3.8 million on a project that never came to fruition.

The board of directors of the organisation, Raising Malawi, has been ousted and replaced by a caretaker board that includes Madonna and her manager. Its executive director, who is the boyfriend of Madonna’s former trainer, Tracy Anderson, left in October amid criticism of his management style and cost overruns for the school, including what auditors described as outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, offices, a golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school’s director.

More on The Age  [link now dead, here it is on the NY Times site and saved as a pdf: Madonna’s Charity Fails In Bid to Finance School ]






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