Strangled by Bureaucracy

CEO holding up a hoop for his employee / client / vendor to jump throughThe articles posted (or linked to from) here seem diverse and unrelated, but they are all illustrative of a set of circumstances which must be considered in any plan for a ‘solution’.

In an article entitled “It’s no wonder so many firms end up on the scrapheap” we can see a connection between some of those problems, and how the chosen solution only solves one at the expense of others.

A guy running a shopfitting company is visited by the police and told he has to stop travelers taking the stuff his workers bring out of the shops they refit which gets put in a giant skip for disposal. He’s told he will be liable for large fines if the stuff is subsequently dumped and traced back to him.

Also he could be liable for damages if the travelers hurt themselves on any fence he puts up, or even while sorting through his skip. Prior to this he’s had no problem with the travelers. Now he is forced to do something, and he spends a load of money on a giant metal cage, secured by padlocks, to cover the skip at all times.

This is a multi-pronged attack, not just on him, but on the travelers as well, His solution is bad for him because it costs him money and also slows down his staff because they have to open up the cage and then close it again every time they want to put something in the skips.

It’s obviously bad for the travelers because they have lost an honest source of income, and are pushed a little further into the ‘fringes’ where they can more easily be forced to live like ‘normal’ slaves and contribute to the tax and money scam the bankers have foisted on us.

This whole little scenario is repeated world-wide a million times over every day, and is symptomatic of our society as a whole, in which we are merely being farmed for taxes. Any project that wants to help make the world better cannot do what this businessman did. We cannot spend time and energy supporting the system that is dragging us down, and expect miraculously that we will somehow drift in an upward direction.

It’s the easy path, and so many see it as the only viable path, other than giving up, which was the choice presented to the businessman in this story, but in reality, paths are just one of the ways to get somewhere you want to go, and if no path leads there, we have to make our own. That’s harder, but nothing else is worth getting out of bed for.

Do we want to be free or to help build our prison?

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