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  • US island residents create own internet service

    US island residents create own internet service

    The community of Doe Bay, Orcas Island, off the Washington coast, have set up their own internet service, with antennas in trees. Using a directional microwave link to the mainland (10 miles), and a lot of shorter links and relays, the network now supplies around 50 residents with 30-40 Mb synchronous connections. “This has been a total grassroots […]

  • Drinking Water Out of a Billboard in Peru

      LIMA – Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) was about to open the applications for the period 2013, so they needed to get students’ attention. Lima, the capital, and its surrounding villages such as Bujama are located in the coastal deserts of Peru. In these places, there were many people suffering from the lack […]

  • Wireless Link for Mfangano Island in Kenya

    http://www.inveneo.org/2012/08/90km-wireless-link-for-mfangano-island/ Mfangano Island now has a 1Mbps Internet connection. For those of you reading this over a high-speed cable, DSL, or fiber connection in a developed country this may not sound terribly impressive. However, when you consider the four major challenges we had to overcome to bring this meg of data to a remote island […]

  • Water for Africa

    [youtube=http://youtu.be/uQu_Jppvzyk]Real help for Africans We’ve seen how governments and agencies are willing to spend billions of taxpayers dollars to fund the dumping of obsolete “AIDS drugs” on the African continent. Bill Gates, who has been moving his vast fortune out of software and into a portfolio pharmaceutical companies before the bottom falls out of Microsoft, is […]

  • Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves

    Tablet test: Nicholas Negroponte, founder of One Laptop Per Child, describes experiments involving children in Ethiopia at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference. With 100 million first-grade-aged children worldwide having no access to schooling, the One Laptop Per Child organization is trying something new in two remote Ethiopian villages—simply dropping off tablet computers with preloaded programs and seeing […]

  • Today, a Hole in a Wall. Tomorrow, the Whole World Online.

    Posted by Elena Martin. Sugatra Mitra installed a computer in a hole in a wall on a street in Kaljaki, New Delhi to see how effectively children could teach themselves technology as part of what would become his Hole-in-the-Wall Project. The computer had a cover to protect it from the elements, an opening for the […]