The Rise of the Global Systems Administrators

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Think it’s bad now? Just wait till you get a job.

If you think that all these big NGOs who control practically every ‘development’ project are just inefficient and not very good at what they do, think again. Most individuals working in the development business are probably well-intentioned, but their efforts are being corralled and diverted into things of dubious value. This is true in all fields; for example the vast majority of ‘environmentalists’ are now doing global warming and carbon dioxide related business, while a few years ago there was enormous diversity in the profession. Carbon is where the money is, and so naturally that’s where most of them are. Money diverts our  purpose to a large extent.

If you’re in the ‘aid’ business, and scratch the surface a little when applying for grants, you’ll find that whatever area of aid it is you’re interested in, a very similar monoculture is apparent. What you can actually do is very limited, and 99% of the grants available have strings attached which are very similar to each other, despite the seemingly vast assortment of grant makers available.

There is not really a choice. If you want to ‘make a difference’ then when you finish college you have to go where the money is. But who controls where the money is, and more importantly, why? Surely it’s important that your life’s work is not wasted? Here are a few links to help you get an idea.

(saved as pdf: Empire’s Double Edged Sword_ Global Military + NGOs)

In fact that link will do as a starting place. It’s better to go off and do your own research! There are plenty of other things here to look at as well. We’ve added a ‘development‘ category to make them easier to find.







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