The Silence of Pandas – What the WWF Isn’t Saying

A Panda isn’t corrupt – but the WorldWideFraud is

The WWF is the largest environmental protection organisation in the world. Trust in its green projects is almost boundless. With rousing campaigns, the WWF directly targets the conscience of its donors – everyone should do their part to save endangered species, the climate and the rainforest.

The WWF was founded on September 11, 1961. Today it is the most influential lobby for the environment in the world. Thanks largely to its excellent contacts in both the political and industrial spheres. Behind this eco-facade, the film uncovered explosive stories from all around the world. Stories of displaced peoples, cleared rainforests and the huge money-making industry that is the WWF’s green seal of approval.

The documentary follows the donations. In Indonesia, the WWF is fundraising for the threatened orang-utan of Borneo, but on the ground the filmmaker was unable to find a single WWF orang-utan protection project. On the contrary, it found that the WWF is cooperating with a company that is clearing the last forests at the heart of Borneo in order to create palm oil plantations, while the orang-utans keep dying. The WWF takes money from the company in exchange
for its quality seal for “sustainable production”. Around the world, the WWF is entering into partnerships with huge companies in the fields of energy and agribusiness. Are WWF deals with industry helping to save the last intact eco-systems in the world or accelerating their destruction?

* *Title:* Silence of Pandas
* *Original title:* Der Pakt mit dem Panda – Ist der WWF käuflich ?
* *Film by:* Wilfried Huismann
* *Format:* 52`
* *Co-Production:* WDR / SWR
* *Year of production:* 2011
* *Language / subtitle version:* German , English
* *Category:*
Current Affairs / Politics / Economy

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In German:
Der Pakt mit dem Panda: Was uns der WWF verschweigt. Doku über die
Umeltschutzorganisation in der ARD Mediathek







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