Uncontacted Indians face annihilation

The Awá are one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes in Brazil. About 60 Awá have no contact with outsiders. Although most live in legally recognized reserves, the Awá are hemmed into ever smaller spaces as loggers, settlers and cattle ranchers invade their land and cut down their forest.
“We live in the depths of the forest and are getting cornered as the whites close in. We are always fleeing. Without the forest, we are nobody and have no way of surviving.” -To’o Awá
Survival are running a campaign to help them.
We have found that even in Morocco, the lack of modern communications make everything much harder to do, and much more expensive. Every contact is slow, and requires someone to drive up into the mountains to talk with the villagers. With modern communications things would be a lot more efficient, and direct contact (for the people already assimilated) with the rest of the world would enable everything to work more smoothly. The interests of the uncontacted people would be looked after by the ones who are already communicating with organizations such as survival.






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