First, welcome to ClickForCharity and thanks for volunteering to help us get started. (If you haven’t volunteered then please go to the form on the home page and sign up with your user name and email!)

It may seem that you’re not doing much but it’s really crucial to have the site used so just visiting each day helps enormously – please persevere! Posting in the forums and doing some of the tasks will help greatly and if you have any ideas feel free to post about them too, Nobody else has done this before so we are all learning,

What We Need

  • Traffic – We need people to use the site so that we can get better deals from the ad networks. So just visiting the site is a big help.
  • Tasks – See the tasks forum for things to do to raise some funds. It’s rudimentary right now but will improve as the days go by.
  • Page views – even though we only have the one ad network it will still help just visiting the site. No need to click on ads: that won’t pay anything we just get paid per unique ad impression per day.