Test for putting ad in pages etc.

ClickForCharity is about two main principles:

  • no money needed, just your clicks.
  • 100% of what you raise goes directly to your chosen recipient.

A fully peer-to-peer charity system is very difficult to get started. Traditional charities:

  • get “experts” to fundraise for them and those experts get well paid in return.
  • employ professional managers to organise every aspect of their start-up and growth.
  • have staff in offices in both their home country and their recipient countries
  • employ professional marketing and PR people to raise public awareness of their existence

This way they ensure that when they get members, those members see a fully-formed “charity” with glossy pics of happy recipients etc. As much as 95% of your money can be wasted on marketing and so on. The Mafia did a better job!

We have a different way to start up. It’s like “booting” a computer. At each stage of the process, a small and simple program loads and then executes the larger, more complicated program of the next stage. The computer “pulls itself up by its bootstraps”; i.e., it improves itself by its own efforts. 

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

We need some volunteers to usher the system through its initial stages, to get us to the same level of public awareness as the old organisations, but without all the waste. We don’t need to wait until we have millions of dollars, we’ve already started changing things for the better. Nobody has done this before so we are all learning and creating a new system as we go along.

We can start with a forum because that is already available to install as a free and open source system. As we go along, our volunteer developers will create a purpose-built system that suits our needs perfectly.

Below is for volunteer beta test testers. Developers, there’s a group for stuff to do with the site itself.

What We Need

  • Traffic – We need people to use the site so that we can get better deals from the ad networks and better indexing by search engines. So just visiting the site is a big help.
  • Tasks – See the tasks forum for things to do to raise some funds. It’s rudimentary right now but will improve as the days go by.
  • Page views – even though we only have the one ad network it will still help just visiting the site. No need to click on ads: that won’t pay anything we just get paid per unique ad impression per day.
  • Forum Posts and replies – For a forum to be interesting it needs some conversations for people to read. If you see a post where you could reply or think of a topic to discuss then that will help to make the forum more attractive to others to join and start using.
  • Questions – Ask any questions that occur to you in the forum. Questions and answers are often the most interesting topics in a forum.

It’s social networking with real world benefits.

Please go to the form on the home page and sign up with your preferred user name and an email address – we’ll send you an invitation to join).